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Do your accounts come with feedback?

None of our accounts come with feedback! However, we can create feedback if you need them but this involves a custom price based on the level of feedback that you require. We can also add them for you with saved cookies via www.multiloginapp.com.

I am not in the USA, can I still use your accounts?
Yes, international users can still use them provided you have a way of obtaining a USA IP address. There are many ways to achieve them either through VPS, VPN or spoofing your own router’s MAC address. We have drop-shipping customers who sell their big inventory directly from china with a shipping time of 30 days via a USA created eBay account. There is also drop-shipping from shopping sites such as Walmart, Best-Buy and Amazon, all while staying overseas in South-America, Asia or Africa.
We suggest you use www.multiloginapp.com if you have multiple stealth eBay accounts. If this is the case, we can move the brand new profile (eBay account, PayPal, emails) including all cookies and more to your multiloginapp user account.
What are the benefits of having multiple eBay stealth accounts?

The benefits of having multiple eBay accounts are:
– To build competition between your own sales as well as targeting and dominating an eBay category/section.
– Spreading around your sales
– Double your low-limit selling limits.
– If one of your eBay accounts get suspended, you still have other eBay selling accounts active and available.

To run multiple eBay accounts you should use:
– www.inkfrog.com – which lets you manage multiple eBay stealth accounts all from one platform. All of this is done without accessing each individual eBay account for operation tasks like answering customer questions, giving feedback, updating descriptions, listing items and more…
– www.multiloginapp.com – which lets you save individual browser profiles and sessions for each eBay/PayPal/email account. You do not need to worry about cookie saving, webrtc and more.
– Customer support employee – You can rent them from us or you can visit www.upwork.com. We suggest you use Philippine-based customer support employees as they are well educated and very motivated to provide the highest quality customer support.

For more information and advice, please ask our expert team via live-chat or Skype: stealthvcc. We want you to succeed with your eBay sales! There are no limitations in terms of which profitable products you can sell on the eBay marketplace. Any knowledge we have (due to our history of operating with our own eBay accounts over the years or through helping clients operate theirs) we will share with you. We are aware that some of our customers do not want to share their selling strategies, useful tools or information, and if that is the case then we respect their wishes. In general we believe in the sanctity of community and that is what our organisation aims to be. We need to help one another out; after all, the sale market is infinite!

Do they come with 21 day holds?

Yes! All accounts, whether they are bought from us, anywhere else or even created by you are subject to holds. It is normal for transactions that accepted through eBay to receive holds. Any transactions done off eBay are not normally held. This is purely out of our control and largely determined on how risky PayPal sees your activity, transactions & account status. If you simply run multiple eBay accounts and let a few of them sleep after a few sales then you will usually get higher limits (1900+) and 21 day holds will be removed. eBay monitors each individual account via an algorithm. For example, one of our clients bought 10 accounts. After successfully selling 20+ products, he received 10 positive feedbacks. He bought another 10 eBay stealth accounts and let the first 10 eBay accounts sleep. He still logs in and remains active in order to give the impression that the accounts are still in use. After 1 month, 5 of these accounts had the payments released into his account for being a new eBay seller.

Do I need to add my own bank to get the money out?

Yes, your own bank will need to be added in order to acquire the funds. Do not worry about using your real bank account as your real name will remain anonymous and will be not shared to your stealth PayPal account. As well as this, you can open multiple accounts on your main bank account using the same routing number but with different account numbers. If you stay overseas and run a bigger operation you should consider visiting the USA at least once in order to open up a bank account e.g. Wells Fargo (Florida). To apply for one without social security (legally), you need to have a real home address in the USA (Airbnb works too) and 2 verified forms of identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport), as well a working credit-card in your name. You will often be given a temporary bank card until your new one arrives. This usually takes a couple of weeksFor more information, please ask us or give us a message/call via live-chat or skype: stealthvcc. However, you can also send the money to another personal account you own as well. Just be sure not to send money too often on the same day or week. One of our customers for the last 2 years has been sending money via gift to one single PayPal account. He waits a minimum of 24 hours per transaction, per PayPal account. You can send via invoice or gift but our advice is to start slow! We do not recommend you purchase anything related to this off eBay. Instead, purchase on other websites and start slow. Do not use the PayPal Stealth Account in early stages to purchase services. PayPal will flag you! If you need more advice, feel free to ask us via live-chat or Skype. We are here to help and will provide you with the most up-to-date and helpful advice we can!

When will I receive the account once I purchase it?

Turnaround time is up to 24 hours from the time of purchase. Normally we can have them sooner than that but be prepared to wait up to 24 hours for the account to be ready. We will keep you updated and notify you of any delays. We have a minimum of 20 in stock but usually, due to a high number of customers, we have 80% of our stock sold out so we try our best to keep reserves. We will work hard to deliver eBay account packages within few hours after purchase. If you wish to request an update you can contact us via live chat or Skype at any time.

What is the point of an aged account? Is it worth it?

Aged accounts are less suspicious than a brand new eBay account. In eBay’s eyes, a legitimate new member would not sign up and start selling items on the same day. This would suggest that you may have other seller accounts as well. We are not a big fan of it. Why? For example: An aged eBay account may have been selling books in the past at a price of between 2-9 USD, and now you  start selling different items for a higher amount. This can cause your eBay and Paypal accounts to be flagged. With each new category of items you need to start slow! Another example is if you approximately sell $200 worth of products daily and suddenly you triple it overnight, PayPal will flag your account and you will get a personal review + limitation from a PayPal employee. (System limitation usually comes in between 8-10 am EDT and links to your setup like flagged IPs and more).

My eBay selling account is active but my PayPal account is limited, what can I do?

Do not worry if you face this issue. Get a new IP address, create a new profile and log into your eBay account and your NEW PayPal account. Start slow as your PayPal account needs to grow for the first few weeks. Usually if you have an aged eBay account, PayPal removes the 21 Days hold at the beginning but in some cases they do not. We have a lot of customers who have, for example, a 2 years old eBay account and 4 limited PayPal accounts for different reasons but also have a Paypal account that has been active for 1 year connected as well. It is important that you keep all your previous IP addresses. Why? If you use one IP supplier and tell him to replace your IP with a new one, a new customer will abuse your old IP! The IP supplier will always resell your old removed IP for a cheaper price. We had one customer who got an eBay limitation because his old IP got connected to an eBay scammer who in turn got blacklisted from eBay.

My eBay selling account is restricted but my PayPal account is active, what can I do?

We suggest that our customers keep their PayPal account (and the connected IP) if the 21 Days limit is already removed and your PayPal account is aged. This allows you to use the PayPal as a backup for money transfers as well to purchase in other marketplaces. PayPal doesn’t offer the same securities as a bank which unfortunately means they can always limit your account for life if they feel the need to do so. No PayPal account will ever remain active for an entire lifetime!

My eBay selling account is below standard, what can I do?

Start of by selling low risk items for a low profit margin. You can sell them quickly as you try to basically breakeven (no profit or losses) on each item you sell. Push your inventory to other eBay stealth accounts. If you do not have other eBay accounts, purchase 2-5 eBay stealth accounts and start build them up slowly in order to avoid detection.

What is a good amount to start selling on my newly purchased stealth eBay account?

If you start using one eBay account, sell items between $5 – $50. It is best if they are below $10 as you can face a limitation on PayPal after 6 days for reasons related to this. Again, if you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We had a customer who sold 400 items for $10 each in a period of 6 days and did not get their PayPal limitation removed. They then had to wait 180 days to get their $4000 released. We suggest you purchase 3-5 eBay accounts and start with $1-$5 dollar items then build a one month history. Any PayPal limitation you face here, you can cover with other PayPal balances.

Are eBay Stealth Suspension Guides worth reading and following?

Many are outdated! We do not believe in Guides, we believe in live help as the system changes daily so you need to be kept up-to-date and ready to change your behaviour where necessary. You can use our Forum on www.stealthvcc.com or contact us via Skype: stealthvcc or live-chat to get immediate help with any Set-Up. Download Teamviewer in order to get the best help.

How do I withdraw money from your accounts?

For US or Canadian citizens, the easiest way to withdraw money is through your bank account. For foreigners, the easiest way is to send the cash to another account and then withdraw it.

Do you offer any guarantee?

The stealth guide is your guarantee. We offer refunds only on individuals who follow the instructions strictly and were suspended before listing their first item. If the account was randomly terminated, we will provide you with a replacement.

How does the delivery occur?

The stealth accounts will be delivered by E-Mail.

What’s included with your purchase?

You will receive all the account’s details on a single file, received through your mail address. With it, we’ll send you a detailed guide on how to use the accounts safely without having any issues with both Paypal and eBay.

For individuals who follow the guide strictly, we offer a 60-day free replacement in case of a random suspension. You will also receive our support throughout the whole process and after that.

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