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Welcome To Stealth Vcc! Your Way Back To eBay!


eBay Account for Sale – High Limit Accounts from 99$ – Get Back!

Have you been suspended on eBay? Are your selling limits too low? Buy eBay account from us! High Limit eBay account for sale for the best price!

eBay Accounts for Sale Unable to create your own eBay or PayPal accounts? Are you in a rush to start selling again?

eBay suspended? PayPal limited? Can buying high limit eBay and PayPal accounts be the best solution to get back on?

Having problems with eBay or Paypal? Discover why choose us Explore our Services

How Our Service Works

Step 1: Browse Our Products

If you have questions, contact us via Live Chat, Email, or Text!

Step 2: Buy an Account

Flexible payment methods include Paypal,credit card, bank,cashapp or Bitcoin!

Step 3: Fast Delivery

We set up the account for you and send it right to your email!

Step 4: Full Customer Support

We’re with you every step of the way should you ever need help!

Welcome To Stealth Vcc! Your Way Back To eBay!

Your Full Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Stealthvcc provides eBay and PayPal accounts. We offer premium ready to go accounts for those who have been suspended by eBay or limited by Paypal, or those that simply want to expand their eBay businesses. What you see is what we currently have in stock and is ready for immediate delivery. Our services are professional and extremely fast. We guarantee our accounts and provide great service and support.

If You’re Still Wondering How eBay Suspension Protocol Works…

Here is a short clip that shows this process:

Why Choose Us?

Our product works
We’re very good at getting our customers up and selling again.

We’re with you every step of the way
While other service providers set you up with an account and then disappear, we’re with you every step of the way. No issue is too big or small; should you need help, just let us know! Your team will Skype: stealthvcc from Monday-Sunday (6am-10pm pst) Our customers know that they can count on us, whether they need help today, or years later.

We hand build your account just for you
We can custom create any account in your name (or the name you want) which makes it easier to withdraw money, provide documents, and sell long-term. This is safe even if you’ve had a previous account in your name; eBay and PayPal don’t ban by name because many people share the same name.

If you prefer pre-made or aged accounts in randomized information we have those too.

We have a dedicated call team to call in for your account in case anything happens
We’ve invested lots of time and resources into building the most competent team of callers; they’ve made thousands of calls so they know eBay/PayPal like the back of their hand.

Why does this matter? Because should your account get an MC999 or any other types of suspension, we can get your account restored for you. How about that item you’re trying to list that has category limits? We’ll lift the category limits for you.

That’s the difference between being unable to sell and making a lot of money.

Should anything happen, we have a strong guarantee
In the event that you’re really unlucky and eBay or PayPal take down your account, you’re not left there hanging. Just let us know, and we’ll help you get set up with another one. Isn’t that great?

We have years of experience
We’ve been in this business since 2011, so we’re not just another overnight company. Through the years, we’ve worked with thousands of customers to find solutions for their unique problems. As part of our services, we give our customers actionable advice that they can use to sell more successfully and bring their businesses to the next level.

We’re in this for the relationship
Many of our customers will tell you that we go out of our way to take care of them. We often spend money out of pocket to solve customer problems, even if it means that we won’t make a profit in the short run. It’s this approach that has earned us repeat business. We’ve known many of our customers for years.

What is stealth account?

Basically, the stealth account serves as a second identity to your digital self. When working with large enterprises such as PayPal and eBay, the sanctions against their Terms of Service are severe and they often result in suspension. Say goodbye to your account is easy, but saying it to a main stream of income isn’t.

That’s where the stealth account providers come in, giving you a second identity to get you up and running.

The stealth account is your new alias and it is created manually by our team of experts, following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of the account. We employ only the latest techniques in the industry and we’ve never failed to satisfy our customers.

We offer eBay and Paypal accounts with added information, addresses, verification and so on. Most of our products are available for instant delivery upon payment, but others require some time.

Our accounts come with a detailed guide on how to use them. It also serves as a guarantee when followed strictly. We offer replacements when the platforms randomly flag the account and suspends it.

You’ll receive the accounts in a document file, ready to be logged in and used. By following the guide thoroughly, you’ll protect yourself from arising issues.

What’s included with your purchase?

You will receive all the account’s details on a single file, received through your mail address. With it, we’ll send you a detailed guide on how to use the accounts safely without having any issues with both Paypal and eBay.

Moreover, we’ll send you the recommended Firefox Portable browser version used to create the account with the same cookies. For individuals who follow the guide strictly, we offer a 60-day free replacement in case of a random suspension. You will also receive our support throughout the whole process and after that.

21-day hold

Many people have asked us whether the accounts have a 21-day hold. Well, due to the nature of the hold, we cannot guarantee that Paypal won’t put a hold onto your account as they do it regardless of the account’s age. In most cases, the limit will be dropped within 7 days.

Funds withdraw

The easiest way to withdraw your funds from Paypal is to have a bank account. However, we must to mention that you need to have a fresh, never used on PayPal bank account.

US eBay & PayPal Accounts

Ready to get back on eBay and PayPal? We have you covered!